The one place to check:
who is

Easily coordinate working hours and on-call work with your global IT team!

Stop hunting for everyone's out-of-office dates

Stop checking everywhere
the calendar
the spreadsheets
your email
your direct messages
your phone
pinging the team

Leverage the grapevine

Let your team update each other’s statuses. Don’t make yourself the single point of failure, empower your team to work as a team!

Discover critical gaps in coverage

Never miss a shift or critical item. Always know who is reachable and who you can fallback to. No more phone trees or firing off a series of text messages.

Coordinate with Shifts

  • Schedule repeating Shifts or one-time Shifts

  • Automatic alerts and reassignment if someone goes out-of-office

  • Provide 24/7 coverage and automatically fill any gaps

Manage Your Team

  • Easy invites and onboarding

  • Automatic text message and email alerts

  • Create Teams and assign access to the calendar


  • $100 USD a month is the only plan!

  • No seat limit, infinite users

Share Your Calendar

  • Share a read-only link so other teams can see who is available

  • Choose to share OOO times, specific shifts, or other events

Custom Alerts

  • Text or email alerts to notify your Team Leads about gaps in coverage

  • Remind your team about upcoming out-of-office time or Shifts

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